Livestock Production

Livestock (Poultry) Production

Our company provides high quality, core services in the livestock sector. We are especially your competency partner and full range solutions provider in the vertically integrated poultry industry.

Our consultancy has extensive, international, multi-species experiences in working with all major international genetics. We have been visiting and supporting clients in over 65 countries. We specialize in improving your technical results and cost structure by solving your production problems and challenges.

In grandparent and parent stock - under our guidance and operations management - we fix and improve deficits in egg production, male management, low fertility problems (particularly during 2nd half of production), substandard hatchabilities, high mortality and other issues.

Similarly, for commercial flocks we offer technical know-how to improve cost per kg live/carcass weight per m2 per year, improvements in liveabilities, feed conversion, carcass quality and uniformity.

In between - and not to forget - minor deficiencies in hatchery operations and day-to-day hatchery management can potentially have strong downstream detrimental carry-over effects increasing first week chick mortality, reduce growth rate and impacting feed conversion ratios negatively.

Our hatchery services assist you in improving your chick quality and the results of the downstream farm operation’s division. We improve your performance, health, productivity and lower your cost of production in your broiler breeders, layers, turkeys and Pekin ducks.

We provide commercial services related to characterizations of new feed ingredients, conduct the feed formulation for you and also assist you in designing your own nutrition and feeding programs. We understand feed milling operations and its impact on livestock performance, especially in an antibiotic-free environment.

We offer and conduct feed mill audits and QC activities. We assist in developing and designing of practical biosecurity programs for feed mills, hatcheries, breeder- and commercial farms.

We offer services in relation to slaughterhouse operations and solving of carcass blemishes and meat quality defects.

We help you in setting up your in-house testing farm, protocols, provide data analysis and help conducting trials.