AgTech Startup Support

AgTech Startup Support

Our firm is officially a member of the Singapore-based highly selective, prestigious GROW AgriFood Tech Accelerator.

Their flagship program is the GROW Impact Accelerator which is an external funded investor program (GROW Impact Fund) that aims to accelerate startups from around the world.

The program focusses on global growth, expansion into Asia, and has a strong emphasis on investability (ROI). Out of a total of 250 startup submissions in 2021, GROW Impact Accelerator has selected 10 of the most promising startup proposals and collectively nurtured in one cohort.

Our firm, as a nominated official GROW Mentor, will engage with, guide and share critical experiences with these high potential, young startups on their journey into entrepreneurship and hopefully into very successful ventures in the near future.

Our company offers these services also as a commercial activity to any interested startup or organization regardless of what organizational stage they are in.